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The Berimbau is a stringed instrument from Brazil. It is really a bow, but instead of being used to play a separate instrument, the way a violin bow is, a berimbau is an instrument in itself. To play the berimbau, you use a stick and a small wicker basket rattle. Tapping the string with the stick produces the sound, and the rattle provides rhythm. Opening and closing the gourd against your stomach alters the pitch of the sound.

Pitch range
Hollow gourd resonator, with wooden neck and one wire string.
Between 3-5 ft (90-150 cm) long.
The berimbau is a musical bow that was made by slaves from Africa, where it has been played since prehistoric times. It is now played throughout Brazil.
Chordophone: an instrument that produces its sound by the vibration of strings.
And also...
Although the berimbau is a member of the string family, it is actually struck like a percussion instrument and used to provide rhythmic accompaniments to dance music. Occasionally, the player applies a coin to the string to shorten its length producing a higher pitch than the open string.

picture of Berimbau